User interface, experience & graphic designer from Australia

[ UX.02 ] LawPro - Law Firm Management Platform

UX Case Study


Ongoing WIP


[ 01 ] Project Overview

LawPro is a comprehensive web-based platform designed to help modernise and simplify the way law firms manage their operations. With a focus on efficiency and organisation, LawPro offers a suite of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of the legal profession.

[ 02 ] Project Details

Scope: UI & UX Design

Timeline: Ongoing

Tools: Figma, Notion

[ 03 ] My Role

UX Research, UI/UX Designer

[ 04 ] Problem Statement

Traditional law firm management often involved juggling multiple software applications and manual processes, leading to inefficiencies, errors and wasted time. Law Firms require a centralised solution to streamline their operations and enhance productivity.

[ 05.1 ] Design Process - Research & Discovery

To start the design process, I conducted research to help understand the pain points of law firms and legal professionals. This process involved:

  • Personal knowledge from my time working as a law clerk

  • Reviewing existing law firm management software to identify common features and usability issues

  • Conducting interviews and surveys with legal professions to gather insights into their workflow challenges and requirements

  • Analysing user feedback and reviews of competing products to identify areas for improvement

The user research for the LawPro platform revealed sever key insights across different roles with law firms. Legal assistants expressed a need for a centralised system to manage client communications and documents efficiently, as they often struggle with scattered information and time-consuming searches. Junior associates highlighted the importance of robust document management and collaboration tools to enhance productivity and teamwork. Office managers emphasised the need for streamlined scheduling, billing and office logistics to reduce manual errors and improve overall efficiency.

[ 05.2 ] Design Process - Ideation & Wireframing

Based on the research findings, I began the ideation phase by mapping out a rough concept and user flows for the platform. This included:

  • Mapping out the primary features & functionality of the platform

  • Iterating on wireframe designs