User interface, experience & graphic designer from Australia

[ UX.01 ] SkySync

UX Case Study




[ 01 ] Project Overview

SkySync is a mobile-first web platform designed to help empower Web3 communities and users through seamless communication, community engagement and event coordination. With a focus of privacy and security, SkySync offers a range of features to enhance the user experience in a decentralised landscape.

[ 02 ] Project Details

Scope: UI & UX Design

Timeline: 1 Month

Tools: Figma

[ 03 ] My Role

UX Research, UI/UX Designer

[ 04 ] Problem Statement

In the rapidly evolving web3 world, community members often face challenged in securely community, coordinating events and discovering new communities aligned with their interested. Existing platforms may lack these necessary privacy features or fail to fully embrace the decentalised ethos of web3.

[ 05 ] Solution

SkySync aims to address these challenged by providing a comprehensive suite of features tailored to the needs of the web3 community. Some of these key features that were focused on as part of this case study include:

  1. End-to-end encrypted chat

  2. NFT ownership gated community hubs

  3. Upcoming event calendar

[ 05.1 ] wallet-to-wallet Encrypted Chat

Throughout the research phase, one of the main concerns that was uncovered was how users lacked the tools to securely communicate with one other without having to find who owned a specific wallet address and then messaging via a social media platform. The decision to implement a wallet-to-wallet encrypted chat helps us to address these concerns. Be enabling a users to message another wallet address directly without having to find a social media profile or other form of communication, it allows users to quickly and easily communicate with one another in a decentralised landscape.

[ 05.2 ] NFT Gated Project Hubs & Discovery

During the user interviews that took place, another key issue that users has issues with was engaging with communities that owned the same NFTs as them, as well as discovering new NFT communities they may wish to be a part of. By leveraging blockchain technology and on-chain verification methods, our NFT gated community hubs and discovery feature will allow SkySync to help users better engage with communities and find new projects they may be interested in. By taking this approach, the platform will be able to enhance a users overall satisfaction at being a part of the community as well as help them facilitate meaningful connections with other like-minded community members. Additionally, the community discovery feature will further enhance this by easily allowing users to find new communities they may be interested in based on the NFTs they own and those other users have also been interested in.

[ 05.3 ] Upcoming Event Calendar

The final major hurdle that users mentioned was the lack of tools and resources to help them learn about upcoming physical and digital events within the Web3 space. The decision to include a real-time event calendar gives users a centralised platform where they can browse, discover and engage with upcoming events. By incorporating comprehensive event details and allowing users to subscribe to event updates and reminders, SkySync aims to help empower community members to stay informed and participate in Web3 events.

[ 06 ] Conclusion

By combining advanced security measures with user-friendly design, SkySync empowers Web3 communities and users to thrive in a decentralised environment. With its emphasis on privacy, community engagement and seamless event coordination, SkySync aims to help set a new standard for Web3 platforms.